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Whether you are the property owner or an agent, you can advertise your properties in our website! The internet is a powerful marketing tool that enables your property to be seen by interested buyers around the world without boundaries. Most buyers and investors of real estate in the Philippines are OFWs and foreigners. You have the chance to tap that market by listing your property with us.


We will create a webpage exclusively for your own property, coupled with pictures and organized content. Afterwards, we shall host them in our website, include in our listing, and promote in the internet and to other prospective buyers.


Our standard broker’s fee is 5% of the agreed selling price between the buyer and the seller, however, this is still negotiable depending on the quality and state of the property held for sale. We shall provide full range of brokerage services to interested parties, that includes but not exclusive to answering inquiries, conducting site tour, and providing updated information. As additional value added service, we can assist in the processing of transfer of ownership, that includes payment of taxes and fees. Moreover, we can also facilitate in applying for financing with banks and/or PAG-IBIG.

If you are an agent authorized to sell a certain property, you may still list it with us. We only require 1% broker’s fee based on the agreed selling price. However, the listing agent shall be responsible to answer inquiries, conduct site tour and all other necessary procedures in closing a sale.


We do not allow duplicate and conflicting property listings.  Cebu Real Estate Sales is an accredited from various developers in Cebu and other areas in the Philippines. Thus, you may not list properties that we are already directly selling.

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Cebu Real Estate Sales is your number one online source of house and lot, condominiums, subdivisions, and properties in Cebu . This site allows real estate agents to post properties and sell online.


Great site! I found spacious house here with reasonable price.

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